Tech Desk 3: Preparing for a PS-DAS

That is a great opportunity and you are on your way toward being granted a CO for your new building or renovation.  Find out what the PS-DAS, in-building radio system requirements are and what standards are being used:  NFPA, IFC, state and additional requirements of the AHJ. Building architecture and materials attenuate radio frequency RF signals. The AHJ will require the PS-DAS for high quality radio communications inside of the building.  Think of the PS-DAS as a life safety network for your jurisdiction’s police, fire, rescue, and emergency service personnel.  The PS-DAS will provide radio coverage where a building’s occupants work and live. Critical building infrastructure areas will also require coverage: stairwells, elevators, fire pump rooms, mechanical and electrical rooms. General occupancy areas require 95% RF coverage with signal levels greater than or equal to -95dBm. Mission critical areas such as stairwells for building egress, fire pump rooms, etc. require 99% RF coverage at -95dBm or better.  There are two radio signal paths: One from the first responder’s portable radio referred to as the input or uplink to the dispatch or command desk. The second signal is the output or downlink from the dispatch or command console to the first responder’s portable radios.

Tech Desk No. 4 will present a checklist that will come in handy when developing the PS-DAS specifications.