Tech Desk 4: Meeting with AHJ & Establishing Requirements

It would be best to bring a set of floor plan drawings of your building, subterranean through rooftop levels, to the meeting.  This will enable the AHJ to understand the mission critical areas:  stairwells, mechanical and electrical rooms, rooftop, etc.

Information to be gathered at the meeting should include:

  • Police, Fire, EMS, and OEM agencies that would respond
  • Input and output frequencies of each agency
  • Dedicated mutual aid / interoperability frequency
  • Location of main radio tower: latitude, longitude, height
  • Effective radiated power of each agency’s transmitter
  • Building and Fire Codes that will be referenced for the PS-DAS design, implementation, system test and acceptance
    • NFPA
    • ICC / IFC
    • State, county, and local codes
  • PS-DAS system monitoring and alarm requirements
  • Special requirements, e.g. plenum rated cables in EMT conduit, battery back-up, etc.
  • Radio officer or point of contact within the AHJ

With this information, you are now ready to contact ESS and begin a radio site survey and the PS-DAS design.