Tech Desk 2: Public Safety-DAS & Working With the AHJ

Since PS-DAS has been evolving over the last 15 years, the GC that oversees new construction or renovation projects may overlook this item within the overall scope of work. Frequently, it is not included within the work of the life safety or telecommunications subcontractor.  While the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) will reference life safety and fire codes for the radio system. Since it is radio and electronics the situation may become cloudy amongst electrical, telecommunications, and life safety contractors.  Without a PS-DAS the building’s owner will be surprised to hear that the certificate of occupancy will be delayed.  Installing a PS-DAS will require additional capital expenditure.  As building owner, alleviate surprise and contact the AHJ, build a relationship and ensure all of the appropriate emergency communication requirements are met.

Standards or Codes that should be referenced by the AHJ:

  1. National Fire Protection Association, NFPA 1221
  2. National Fire Protection Association, NFPA 72
  3. International Code Council, International Fire Code

The NFPA and IFC codes are merely a guideline.  The AHJ’s officials may ask for more or less.  State and county guidelines may also play a part.

Contact your AHJ’s Fire and Life Safety officers and have the insurance and peace of mind that a PS-DAS offers.