Motorola RLN6552_PMLN7120 Wireless RSM AC Charger Kit



Motorola RLN6552_PMLN7120 Long Range Wireless Speaker- Microphone Base Kit with AC Charger

Includes RLN6544 Wireless Speaker-Mic (RSM), PMMN4097 corded mobile palm mic with Bluetooth wireless gateway, and PMLN7120 AC desktop charger

Designed for remote workers with MOTOTRBO XPR 4000 and XPR 5000 base radios who roam from the radio but still need to be able to communicate. Range of wireless microphone is up to 10 times the distance of a cellular type Bluetooth headset. No more missed messages from being away from the base.

Normal battery life is up to 11 hours with range up to 100 meters. RSM has a 3.5mm jack for a receive-only audio accessory, emergency button, and LED task light.

Corded microphone with wireless gateway can be used by a second dispatcher. Charger has two pockets for an extra mic or spare battery

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12 month warranty