Motorola CM200d VHF Analog 136-174 MHz, 45 Watts, 16 Channels

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Motorola AAM01JQC9JC1AN CM200d Analog VHF 136-174 MHz 45 Watt Mobile Radio

Upgradeable to MOTOTRBO DMR digital operation with HKVN4223 programming key

The VHF CM200d is ideal for agriculture, transportation, retail, and hospitality businesses that need to increase range. Add a 120V AC power supply and a base antenna to improve your existing coverage within your area of operation.

16 channels, MDC1200 PTT ID, VOX, Quick Call II, Auto/Priority/Dual Priority Scan

Included with the CM200d

Standard Microphone (Compact Microphone with Transmit LED, Hang-Up Clip & 7 Ft. Coil Cord – PMMN4090)

Standard Inst Bracket (Low Profile Mounting Bracket – RLN6469)

Standard Power Cable (HKN4137)

Two Year Warranty