Motorola AAH03RDF8AA7AN CP185 UHF Display Radio

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Motorola AAH03RDF8AA7AN CP185 UHF 435-480 MHz 4 watts, 16 Channels, Display Portable Radio

Provides 4 watts, 16 channels, and has an 8 character display. The channel names can be programmed to identify security, support, operations, etc.

The CP185 hand held portable has a voice scrambler for more secure communications and VOX for voice operated transmit. Capable of repeater use for longer range and can be programmed for 2 watts for even longer battery life.

All AAH03RDF8AA7AN UHF CP185 radio packages include:

Standard Li-Ion 1500 mAh Battery (PMNN4081)

Rapid Rate 3 Hour Charger (PMLN5398)

Standard VHF Heliflex Antenna (NAD6502)

2 inch Spring Action Belt Clip (HLN9844)

Quick Reference Guide (68007024011)

2 Year Motorola Warranty