F1000ST - F2000ST Series

Entry Level Analog Portables


F1000S: 136-174MHz, 128 CH, LCD, 4-key analog portable

F1000T: 136-174MHz, 128CH, LCD, full DTMF keypad analog portable

F2000H: 450-512MHz analog handheld, 16 CH, no LCD; BC213 included

F2000L: 400-470MHz 16 channel, no display, charger in box

F2000S: 450-512MHz, 128 CH, LCD, 4-key

F2000S: 400-470MHz, 128 CH, LCD, 4-key

F2000T: 450-512MHz, 128 CH, LCD, full DTMF keypad

F2000T: 400-470MHz, 128 CH, LCD, full DTMF keypad

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  • Frequencies:136-174, 400-470, 450-512MHz
  • Output Power:5W (VHF); 4W (UHF)
  • Channels:16 or 128 (S/T)
  • Channel Spacing:12.5kHz
  • Mil Spec:MIL-STD 810 C,D,E,F,G,
  • Weight:8.47oz (with BP-279)
  • Waterproof Rating:IP67 dust-tight and waterproof protection
  • Versions:With full keypad
  • With simple keypad
  • Without LCD and front keypad