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Icom Portable Radios

Icom F1000 & Icom F2000

The Icom F1000 and Icom F2000 series radios provide class-leading 1500 mW loud and clear audio with Icom custom high power handling capacity speaker. It offers a compact, waterproof durable design and is full of features such as motion/stationary detection sensor, man down, voice scrambler and voice announcement functions. The radio is ideal for business and industry users who require economical value and reliability in a radio.


  •  Icom custom high power handling capacity speaker for 1500 mW powerful audio
  •  Compact, waterproof durable design (IP67 and MIL-STD-810-G)
  •  Enhanced emergency safety with built-in motion/stationary detection sensor
  •  128 channel capacity with eight zones (Simple type and ten-key type)
  •  Built-in 2-Tone, 5-Tone, CTCSS and DTCS
  •  MDC and BIIS compatible
  •  16-code inversion voice scrambler
  •  Up to 14 hours of operating time with supplied BP-279 battery

Icom F3001 & Icom 4001

The Icom F3001 series is so easy to use, there’s no special training required. The few knobs and buttons are generously sized for easy operation and are designed to provide non-slip, positive action – even while wearing gloves. The Icom 4001 radio delivers loud and intelligible audio even in noisy environments. 


  • Longer operating time (up to 20+ hours)
  • Weather-resistant, dust protection, military rugged
  • Internal VOX capability for hands-free operation
  • PC programmable
  • Talk around function / Lone worker function
  • 3-color LED

Icom F3161 & Icom F4161

Designed for business and public safety, use the Icom F3161 and Icom F4161 Series includes a complete set of analog signaling plus LTR trunking. The radio comes with either a display and four front panel programmable keys or a display with four front panel keys and a full DTMF keypad. The Icom F3161 and Icom F4161 series is suited to meet the needs of users requiring a wide range of sophisticated features.


  • 512 channels w/128 zones
  • 5W Output Power
  • Built-in LTR
  • IP55 Waterproof Rating
  • Large, full dot-matrix LCD
  • Busy, repeater lockout functions
  • Surveillance function temporarily turns off the LED backlight and beep sound

Icom Mobile Radios

Icom F5011 & Icom 6011

Simple operation, versatile functions and rugged construction for your day-to-day communication needs. The Icom F5011 series is designed for the everyday operation from education, agriculture to distribution. This entry-level radio has everything needed to get started at 8 channels and P0-P3 programmable buttons.


  • Built-in 2-Tone, 5-Tone, MDC 1200, CTCSS and DTCS capabilities
  • Enhanced scan functions
  • Remote channel control with optional ACC cable
  • 4W (typ.) front mounted speaker
  • Microphone hanger action programmable
  • Talk around function
  • Power-on password function
  • Nuisance delete function
  • Time-out-timer, lock-out penalty timer

Icom F5021 & Icom 6021

The Icom F5021 and Icom 6021 radio  series is ideal for small-to-mid-sized systems for public safety, large industry to light commercial users. The Icom F5021 series offers multiple signaling, advanced scanning, improved external channel control capability and wide frequency coverage packed in a compact body. This rugged mobile easily exceeds your expectations with its reliable performance and communication quality.


  • 4W (typ.) front mounted speaker
  • MIL grade rugged construction
  • Built-in 2-Tone, 5-Tone, MDC 1200, CTCSS and DTCS capabilities
  • MDC 1200 compatible
  • Lone worker function
  • Tx channel setting and talk back function
  • Optional OPC-1939 D-SUB 15-pin ACC cable

Icom F5121D & Icom F6121D

The Icom F5121D series features everything you’d expect in a business radio PLUS digital. They are paired with IDAS and offers digital conventional and single-site trunking. The optional GPS, lone worker function, Logic Trunked Radio (LTR®) and Mixed Mode Operation make them ideal for any operation.


  • CTCSS/DTCS encode/decoder*
  • 8 DTMF autodial memories
  • Microphone hanger action programmable
  • PC programmable
  • Power-on password function
  • Time out timer
  • Talk around function
  • Nuisance delete function*
  • Forced narrow function*

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