Communication & Operation Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

There’s work to be done and no time to waste as a manufacturer. 

Between keeping track of daily production, maintaining facilities and machines, securing and protecting your wares, and responding to emergencies, you can’t afford to troubleshoot devices and wait on hold for IT support—your communications technology must be reliable and top of the line. That’s why optimized radio and video technology is a must-have for successful operations.

Whether you need to convey a status update to a department, investigate suspicious activity on the warehouse floor, or contact external emergency services, you’ll benefit from equipping your staff and facility with unified communication solutions. Maintain safety, productivity, and consistency across the entire scope of your workforce by introducing or upgrading to the following communication services.


Two-Way Communication

With plenty to do and many people and tasks to manage, you don’t have much wiggle room when it comes to dealing with technology problems. Clear and uninterrupted team communication is essential to ensuring the safety, efficiency, and profitability of manufacturing. But in this industry, there are plenty of outside factors that can inhibit effective communication.

A common complaint among manufacturers is the inability to communicate with everyone in the workplace. If your employees or teams are operating in different buildings or are spread across campuses, they might encounter connectivity issues, spotty service, or dead zones if they rely on cellular data or outdated radios to connect.

Radio frequencies are only as good as the devices that transmit them. Therefore, even if a work environment is optimized for radio communications, it’ll require an effective product line to match. You can alleviate the trouble of inconsistent communications by integrating the latest Motorola technology, such as the MOTOTRBO XPR7000e, which features enhanced audio quality, better battery life, and a wider connectivity range.

A particularly noisy and disruptive sector of the warehouse floor can also make for inaudible radio communications. To counter this, Motorola technology implements noise-cancelling and text messaging capabilities for its recent wave of two-way radio models. Your employees will be able to communicate seamlessly and without interruption with the proper accessories and add-ons.

Go even further by integrating Motorola WAVE OnCloud, a push-to-talk application that allows interoperability across communication devices. Trying to contact or locate an employee off site is made simpler with location mapping and channel sharing. Connect via radio or phone with seamless integration and audio quality.

Video Surveillance

A supervisor can’t realistically monitor everything at once—integrating a video surveillance system can help you stay on top of your entire manufacturing process. The moment an incident halts operations, you’ll be able to reduce recovery time by consulting your surveillance footage, which eliminates discrepancies and helps you arrive at a solution more quickly.

A lot can happen on the factory floor. For example, if an employee is hurt during operations, witnesses and word of mouth come with a notable margin of error. On the other hand, having access to footage recorded at the moment of the incident will clear up any inconsistencies and provide a credible source of evidence.

Further, video surveillance heightens the security of your staff, facility, and products. The presence of this technology discourages criminal activity and excessive worker downtime. This keeps superintendents well informed and confident that operations are proceeding smoothly, even when they cannot be on site.

ESS is happy to provide the latest in video surveillance technology and solutions. If you’d like to explore our product line, feel free to get in touch.

Access Control

Which of your employees can access the main floor? Does your facility have any restricted zones? How will you prevent curious or malicious minds from viewing private or sensitive company data?

Access control is your key to monitoring and limiting employee access to different levels of your company grounds. This security measure regulates both physical and logical access by enforcing user credentials, such as a passcode or swipe card, that must be used to be permitted into particular zones or databases.

In the same way that video surveillance encourages peace of mind and ethical operations, using access control credentials mitigates the risk of a data breach or unauthorized conduct. Access can be segmented by department, status, or even individual staff. Customization options and two-step verification can be applied to doubly ensure that company data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

ESS is pleased to provide access control services and installation. Contact us today to learn more about the solutions we offer.

More Solutions

While the three suggestions listed above are the most popular, there are plenty of other solutions available for the manufacturing industry. Depending on the specific needs of your company, ESS can offer a multitude of communication solutions, including wireless broadband, system management, and equipment repair.

ESS can design, deploy, and maintain all communications and security technologies. Want to learn more about any of the solutions listed above? Contact us so we can put you in touch with one of our representatives.