5 Industries That Need Motorola Solutions

For industries that depend upon team communication to keep things running, Motorola solutions make the magic happen. The convenience, adaptability, and efficiency of Motorola’s latest products ensure that teams are connected and communicating loud and clear. And, with versatile solutions available from nationwide providers, finding the perfect solution for every industry is effortless.

Which industries should integrate two-way radio solutions into their everyday operations? While plenty fit the bill, ESS has selected five of the most radio-integral industries and included some of the most popular Motorola solutions for each. If you’re wondering which industries made the list, read on!

Fire & Emergency Medical Services

Protecting a community begins with keeping its emergency responders safe. Providing real-time, secure communication between departments leads to faster, safer responses and more lives saved. When every second counts, safety officers and medics need to be careful, informed, and connected. Two-way radios are the best communication tool for the EMS industry, built to last and serve.

Whether firefighters are rescuing victims from a burning building or medics are conducting a search and rescue, emergency responders can encounter severe conditions, including intense temperatures and dangerous terrain. Motorola two-way radios are rugged and reliable, built to withstand severe weather, high heat, drops from tall heights, and submersion in water.

Many fire departments trust in the Motorola Solutions Advanced Fire Suite, which unifies end-to-end voice and data communications across the timeline, from incident reporting to response. With this solution, software and devices work seamlessly together, keeping dispatchers safer and focused on the task. This versatile interoperability allows for communication of all forms, from talk and text to photo, video, and data transfers.


From the bus stop to the classroom to extracurricular activities and beyond, schools and college campuses have many departments that must stay connected in order to maintain smooth operations and effectively respond to emergencies. A dependable communication system is key to keeping superintendents informed and alert across campus.

Educational institutions commonly face connectivity issues, whether it’s the result of a poor location, an outdated building, or the sheer size of the campus itself. Luckily, Motorola radio solutions provide seamless, dependable connectivity to every building, field, parking lot, and any place in between where department heads might need to communicate. And, with WAVE Push-To-Talk applications, communication is instantly accessible, allowing channel access from smartphones and radios alike.

SchoolSafe is an exclusive Motorola solution that allows for direct two-way communication between schools and local emergency services. Communicating in real time with first responders can save lives when a campus is affected by a crisis. SchoolSafe is just one example of how connecting multiple industries with interoperable radio solutions can benefit the safety of all.

To explore more communication solutions for the education industry, visit our latest blog.


The healthcare industry cannot flourish without accessible, dependable communication. Efficiently connecting departments and facilities across a healthcare institution can change a patient’s fate. By equipping hospitals and healthcare facilities with Motorola radios and applications, staff members can work confidently knowing that the rest of their team is just the push of a button away.

Two-way radios are just one of many communication and security solutions that can improve healthcare operations. Incident management is as important as real-time communication and response—to optimize this, Motorola offers not only radio technology but also video surveillance and software solutions. Combining dependable communications with these added security measures guarantees safer conditions for staff and patients alike.

While many healthcare institutions are already well-acquainted with two-way radio technology, they’re often in need of an upgrade—that’s why Motorola offers trade-in value and exclusive promotions to help all types of industries get equipped with the latest and greatest technology available. ESS is always eager and ready to equip its clients with the best promotions and products.


Utility workers are expected to respond quickly to their customers, prepare for emergencies and disasters, comply with changing regulations, and secure their assets—all while ensuring utmost safety on the job.

Two-way communications can improve efficiency, safety, and productivity throughout an operation. Connecting a task force with unified communications extends the reach well beyond radio and cellular networks so that all devices and networks can be part of the same conversation.

For companies that look to connect their communications processes, there’s MOTOTRBO Nitro: the first fully managed radio platform that combines business-critical voice with fast, reliable, and private broadband data. By integrating an exclusive broadband network dedicated to operations, the entire team will be connected and secure, and operations managers can accomplish more without sacrificing control.


Connecting drivers nationwide requires communication solutions that go the distance. Keeping a fleet updated on route changes, delivery schedules, and the locations of other drivers depends on a system that’s as fast and adaptable as the industry it works for. Cellular communication improves by the year but can’t match the reliability and full coverage of Motorola radio technology.

The multifaceted features and applications of new two-way radios come in handy for the transportation industry. GPS tracking allows drivers to connect instantly and pinpoint locations or transfer their tracking coordinates to each other for timely response. WAVE Push-To-Talk provides a communication alternative for ease of access to a main channel from any device. These Motorola solutions and more elevate team communication to the next level for industries across the board.

Where’s Your Industry?

Wondering if there’s a Motorola solution for your business? If your industry was not listed above, don’t worry—Motorola dealers like ESS provide custom products, services, and solutions to dozens of other industry types. To learn more, contact us today.